The Project

In the early days of 2015 Medialart, a group of Italian professionals qualified in various fields and working in different areas of Arts and Cultural management, decided to set up an innovative type of exhibition -The “Immersive “ experience. The idea came in the wake of similar international experiences of impact and involvement with the public. The team’s main aim was to bring to the public’s attention productions , totally Made in Italy, of high cultural content focusing mostly on Italian cultural expression but with a strong didactic message. Based on this mode, called Infinity Dimensions ® , the show becomes an artwork in itself, which allows the visitor to view and enjoy art in a different innovative way. The aim is to also introduce art to the public in general. As opposed to traditional art exhibitions, the “immersive” trails allow the visitor to experience total involvement with the exhibits. The works of universally recognized artists, are projected in high definition, in very large spaces which are preferably kept completely dark, with appropriate musical accompaniment. So as not to divert attention from total immersion in the works, written texts and captions as support materials such as catalogues, introductory panels, etc are kept to a minimum.



Infinity Dimensions ®/ use next-generation video technologies, which allow reproduction of works in ULTRA HD images and DEFINITION with Canon Lcos projectionsystem.INFINITY multiprojectionsystem DIMENSIONSTECHNOLOGY ® creates immersive environments which are visually spectacular and dynamic. It is a type of minimal environmental impact, requiring exhibition facilities which are light, and easily transported. Infinity Dimentions is particularly suited for exhibitions in historic palaces, monumental churches, industrial archaeology sites, or other kinds of spaces that still provide impressive heights (from a minimum of 6 mt) and large sizes (about 500 sq m). More specifically, the staging Infinity Dimensions ® is modular and site-specific, and has the following technical specifications:

  • minimum size of 15 m x 20 m (but improves with increasing impact of space);
  • minimum height 6 m (ideal height between 8 and 10 meters);
  • number of projectors: 15 min, max 40 (varies according to the size of the space);
  • projection canvas. 8 m x 4.50 m (16:9), put both vertically and horizontally;
  • where possible, you can project also on the floor.

Caravaggio Experience

The MilanoCard Group together with Medialart, in collaboration with the Municipality of Desenzano, present the Caravaggio Experience, from the 13th of May to the 13th of October 2019. An exploratory journey to unveil the techniques, themes and secrets of one of the greatest innovators in the history of art, hosted in the extraordinary frame of the Desenzano Castle.

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